News Letters

Last updated: 18 Jul 2024

Here you can download issues from the COSMO Newsletters series. It is planned to prepare the Newsletter once a year in January, with the opportunity to add special issues at irregular intervals if required.

The purpose of the COSMO Newsletter is:

These are the available newsLetters. After No2, they can be downloaded in two ways: as whole document and as 1-document per chapter:

No23, Jul. 2024

No22, May 2023

No21, May 2022

No20, Dec. 2020

No19, Oct. 2019

No18, Nov. 2018

No17, Jul. 2017

No16, Jun. 2016

No15, Jul. 2015

No14, Apr. 2014

No13, Apr. 2013

No12, Apr. 2012

No10, Jan. 2010

No11, Apr. 2011

No9, Dec. 2008

No8, Sep. 2008

No7, Apr. 2008

No6, Jul. 2006

No5, Apr. 2005

No4, Feb. 2004

No3, Feb. 2003

No2, Feb. 2002

No1, Feb 2001

If you want to write an own contribution for the COSMO Newsletter, you can download a Unix tar-file (100 Kb) which contains an example on how to prepare your own latex file for the editors.