News Letter No4

Date of publication: February 2004

COSMO Newsletter No. 4, February 2004
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1 Contents page
Introduction 5
2 The COSMO Consortium 7
2.1 General 7
2.2 Agreement 8
2.3 Organizational Structure 8
3 Model System Overview 9
3.1 Lokal-Modell 9
3.2 Data Assimilation 16
3.3 Boundary Conditions from Driving Models 20
3.4 Postprocessing 21
3.5 Data Flow of the LM Package 22
3.6 Documentation 23
4 Operational Applications 24
4.1 ARPA-SMR 25
4.2 DWD 26
4.3 HNMS 28
4.4 IMGW 29
4.5 MeteoSwiss 30
4.6 COSMO Limited-Area Ensemble Prediction System 34
5 Changes to the Model System 36
5.1 Major Changes to LM 37
5.2 Major Changes to GME2LM 46
6 Working Groups 47
6.1 WG 1: Data Assimilation 47
6.2 WG 2: Numerical Aspects 48
6.3 WG 3: Physical Aspects 49
6.4 WG 4: Interpretation and Applications 51
6.5 WG 5: Verification and Case Studies 52
6.6 WG 6: Reference Version and Implementation 53
7 COSMO Meetings and Events 55
7.1 Meetings in 2002 55
7.2 Guest Scientists 58
7.3 Internal Visits 58
7.4 Upcoming COSMO Meetings 58
7.5 Announcements 59
8 Results and Methods of Model Verification (Introduction) 61
High Resolution Verification of Daily Cycle over Switzerland Francis Schubiger 63
Verification of aLMo Runs with European SYNOP and GPS Data Pirmin Kaufmann 67
Verification of Surface Weather Parameters at DWD Ulrich Damrath 72
Verification of LAMI at Synop Stations Patrizio Emiliani, M. Ferri, A. Galliani and E. Veccia 79
Examples of Verification of the LM Results Vs. Synoptic Observations and Vertical Soundings Andrzej Mazur and Katarzyna Starosta 86
Operational Verification of Vertical Profiles at DWD Ulrich Pflueger 95
Operational Verification of Vertical Profiles at MeteoSwiss Marco Arpagaus 104
Verification of Vertical Profiles at UGM Patrizio Emiliani, M. Ferri, A. Galliani and E. Veccia 107
Verification of Lokal-Modell Operational Suites at ARPA-SIM: Impact of the Nudging-based Assimilation Scheme F. Boccanera, C. Marsigli, T. Paccagnella and P. Patruno 113
The COSMO LM PL Precipitation Forecasts are Verified on Daily Rainfall Data Averaged over Selected River Basins Malgorzata Mierkiewicz and Jan Parfiniewicz 119
Quasi Real-Time Verification of aLMo Radiation Budget Forecasts with Payerne Measurements Marjorie Perroud and Dominique Ruffieux 122
COSMO-LEPS Verification: First Results Chiara Marsigli, F., Boccanera, A. Montani, F. Nerozzi and T. Paccagnella 125
9 Model Development and Application (Introduction) 136
Impact of a Bias Correction Scheme for Vaisala RS80 Radiosonde Relative Humidity Observations Christoph Schraff 137
Assimilation of Radar Data in the LM at DWD Stefan Klink and Klaus Stephan 143
The Z-coordinate LM Juergen Steppeler, S. Janjic, H.-W. Bitzer, P. Prohl and U. Schaettler 151
Formulation of the LM's Dynamical Lower Boundary Condition Almut Gassmann 155
Development of a Kilometer-Scale NWP-System: LMK Guenther Doms and Jochen Foerstner 159
Runge-Kutta Time Integration and High-Order Spatial Discretization of Advection - A New Dynamical Core for the LM Jochen Foerstner and Guenther Doms 168
Prognostic Precipitation in the Lokal-Modell (LM) of DWD Michael Baldauf and Jan-P. Schulz 177
Recent Changes to the Cloud-Ice Scheme Guenther Doms, D. Majewski, A. Mueller and B. Ritter 181
Numerical Simulation of Tropical Cyclogenesis with the Lokal-Modell Thomas Frisius 189
Evaluation of the Two-Way Nesting Version of LM at HNMS Euripides Avgoustoglou and Ioannis Papageorgiou 197
Real-Time Direct Link Between Meteorological-and Dispersion Models Andrzej Mazur 203
10 Collaboration and External Users of LM 210
10.1 International Projects 210
10.2 National Projects and Collaboration 211
10.3 External Users of LM 213
11 Appendices 218
Appendix A: The GRIB Binary Data Format used for LM I/O 218
Appendix B: Available LM Output Fields 224
Appendix C: List of COSMO Newsletters and Technical Reports 230