COSMO News Letter No. 22

Date of publication: May 2023

COSMO Newsletter No.22 (May 2023)
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contents pdf
editorial pdf
Operational forecasts for air dispersion of hazardous pollutants based on results of the COSMO model. Andrzej Mazur pdf
COSMO/ICON-LAM evaluation over Common Areas: 2021-2022 Flora Gofa pdf
On the Seasonal Sensitivity of ICON Model E. Avgoustoglou, A. Shtivelman, P. Khain, C. Marsigli, Y. Levi, I. Cerenzia pdf
Numerical Model Training Course 2023 U. Schättler, S. Brienen, F. Prill, D. Reinert, D. Rieger, C. Steger, J.-N. Welß, R. Dumitrache, S. Dinicila, S. Gabrian pdf
ICCARUS 2023 Daniel Rieger, Christian Steger pdf
Chair of COSMO steering committee report Yoav Levi pdf
The contribution of COSMO members IMS and CIMA to humanitarian cooperation in Ukraine Collaboration of ECMWF, CIMA and IMS pdf
Appendix List of COSMO Newsletters and Technical Reports pdf