COSMO News Letter No. 9

Date of publication: December 2008

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COSMO Newsletter No. 9: Table of Contents
Title Author(s) pg
Editorial & contents
1 Working Group on Data Asimilation
1.1 Developtments at DWD: Integrated water vapour (IWV) from ground-based GPS C. Schraff, M. Tomassini, K. Stephan 2
1.2 Improvements of the operational latent heat nudging scheme used in COSMO-DE at DWD K. Stephan, C. Schraff 7
1.3 Screen-level data assimilation in COSMO-I2 M. Milelli, E. Oberto, M. Turco 12
2 Working Group on Numerical Aspects
2.1 A linear solution for flow over mountains and its comparison with the COSMO model M. Baldauf 19
2.2 Evaluation of Precipitation Forecast for the COSMO Model in Reference to Z vs. Terrain Following Coordinates Version E. Avgoustoglou, I. Papageorgiou 25
3 Working Group on Physical Aspects
3.1 Introducing sub-grid scale orographic effects in the COSMO model J.P. Schulz 29
3.2 Component testing of the COSMO model's turbulent diffusion scheme B. Szintai, O. Fuhrer 37
4 Working Group on Interpretation and Applications
4.1 Main results of the SREPS Priority Project C. Marsigli, A. Montani, T. Paccagnella, F. Gofa, P. Louka 42
4.2 Performance of COSMO-LEPS system during the D-PHASE Operations Period A. Montani, C. Marsigli, T. Paccagnella 50
5 Working Group on Verification and Case Studies
5.1 Association of surface stations to NWP model grid points P. Kaufmann 54
5.2 Towards Operational Probabilistic Precipitation Forecast M. Turco, M. Milelli 56
5.3 QPF verification for 2007: COSMO-I7, COSMO-7, COSMO-EU, COSMO-ME, COSMO-I2, COSMO-IT E. Oberto, M. Milelli 63
5.4 Comparison of COSMO models and Multimodel SuperEnsemble outputs in Piemonte D. Cane, M. Milelli 69
5.5 Seasonal verification over Poland K. Starosta, J. Linkowska 73
5.6 20th of July 2007 - Explosive Convection over Europe - The COSMO Perspective J. Parfiniewicz 79
Appendix 86