COSMO News Letter No. 16

Date of publication: July 2016

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COSMO Newsletter No. 16: Table of Contents
Title Author(s) pg
Editorial & contents
1 Working Group on Physical Aspects: Soil and Surface
1.1 Urban heat island effects over Torino M.Milelli 10
1.2 On thunderstorm quantification (continuation) Jan Parfiniewicz, Jerzy Konarski 3
2 Working Group on Interpretation and Applications
2.1 Assessment of model generated wind energy potential in Poland. Katarzyna Starosta, Andrzej Wyszogrodzki 9
3 Working Group on Verification and Case Studies
3.1 Verification of results of the working technology SNOWE for snow water equivalent and snow density fields determination as initial data for COSMO model E. Kazakova, I. Rozinkina, M. Chumakov 12
4 Working Group on Implementation and Reference Version
4.1 Running the COSMO model on unusual hardware architectures Davide Cesari 3
5 Working Group on Predictability and Ensamble Methods
5.1 COSMO-based ensemble forecasting for Sochi-2014 Olympics: archiving the results Elena Astakhova, Andrea Montani, Dmitry Kiktev, Alexander Smirnov 6
Appendix 2