News Letter No6

Date of publication: July 2006

This Newsletter has a different format than before, because it is meant as Proceedings from the 7th COSMO General Meeting in Zürich, 2005. It contains papers from the presentations at this meeting, as well as some external contributions.

COSMO Newsletter No. 6 Table of Contents
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1 Working Group on Data AssimilationAuthor 3
1.1 Tomographic Determination of the Spatial Distribution of Water Vapor Using GPS Observations M. Troller, A. Geiger, E. Brockmann, J.-M. Bettems, B. Bürki, H.-G. Kahle 3
1.2 Improved Methods for Snow-Cloud Separation Using Multi-temporal Meteosat-8 SEVIRI Imagery M. de Ruyter de Wildt 11
1.3 Sensitivity of the LHN Scheme to Non-Rain Echoes D. Leuenberger, A. Rossa 23
1.4 Revised Latent Heat Nudging to cope with Prognostic Precipitation C. Schraff, K. Stephan, S. Klink 31
1.5 Revised Quality Control for Radiosonde Humidity C. Schraff 38
2 Working Group on Numerical AspectsAuthor 44
2.1 Implementation of the 3D-Turbulence Metric Terms in LMK M. Baldauf 44
2.2 Courant Number Independent Advection of the Moisture Quantities for the LMK J. Förstner, M. Baldauf, A. Seifert 51
2.3 Sensitivity Experiments with the Runge-Kutta Time Integration Scheme L. Torrisi 65
2.4 Application of the Z-Coordinate Version vs. the Terrain Following Version of LM Nonhydrostatic Model over Greece E. Avgoustoglou, T. Tzeferi, V. Tirli, I. Papageorgiou 74
3 Working Group on Physical Aspects (Introduction)Author 81
3.1 Preliminary Results on Comparison of LM Radiation Code to the LBL model RTX A. Bozzo 83
3.2 Implementation of the Statistical Cloud Scheme Option: Preliminary Tests E. Avgoustoglou, T. Tzeferi, I. Papageorgiou 88
3.3 Validation of Boundary Layer Clouds: Test Results with the Minimum Vertical Diffusion Coefficient set equal to Zero in LM E. Heise 94
3.4 Improved Diagnosis of Convective and Turbulent Gusts: Test Results of new Gust Parameterizations E. Heise 103
3.5 A Three-Category Ice Scheme for LMK T. Reinhardt, A. Seifert 115
3.6 Simulation Studies of Shallow Convection with the Convection-Resolving Version of DWD Lokal-Modell F. Theunert, A. Seifert 121
4 Working Group on Interpretation and ApplicationsAuthor 129
4.1 The COSMO-LEPS Suite at ECMWF: Present Status and Developments A. Montani, C. Marsigli, T. Paccagnella 129
4.2 Verification of the COSMO-LEPS new Suite in Terms of Precipitation Distribution C. Marsigli, A. Montani, T. Paccagnella 134
4.3 COSMO-LEPS Forecasts for the August 2005 Floods in Switzerland A. Walser 142
4.4 Use of Multimodel Super Ensemble Technique for Complex Orography Weather Forecast M. Milelli, D. Cane 146
4.5 Interpretation of the New High Resolution Model LMK H. Hoffmann, V. Renner, S. Theis 152
4.6 Simple Kalman Filter - A "Smoking Gun" of Shortages of Models A. Mazur 158
5 Working Group on Verification and Case Studies (Introduction)Author 162
5.1 Verification of aLMo in the Year 2005 M. Arpagaus, P. Kaufmann, G. de Morsier, D. Ruffieux, F. Schubiger, A. Walser, E. Zala 165
5.2 Verification of aLMo Precipitation using a Coupled Hydro-Meteorological Modeling Approach for the Alpine Tributaries of the Rhine M. Verbunt, J. Gurtz, M. Zappa, P. Kaufmann 172
5.3 First Results on Verification of LMK Test Runs Basing on SYNOP Data C.-J. Lenz, U. Damrath 175
5.4 Latest Results in the Precipitation Verification over Northern Italy E. Oberto, M. Turco, P. Bertolotto 180
5.5 Verification of LAMI at SYNOP Stations P. Emiliani, A. Raspanti 185
5.6 Precipitation Verification (Overestimation): A Common View of the Behaviour of the LM, aLMo and LAMI F. Schubiger, P. Kaufmann, U. Damrath, E. Oberto 192
5.7 Verification of COSMO-LM in Poland K. Starosta, J. Linkowska, A. Mazur 201
6 Working Group on Implementation and Reference VersionAuthor 210
6.1 The new Lokal-Modell LME of the German Weather Service J.-P. Schulz 210
7 External ContributionsAuthor 213
7.1 Flow across the Antarctic Plateau U. Wacker, H. Ries, U. Schättler 213
7.2 An Objective Quality Measure based on a Pattern Recognition Technique to validate Regional Ensemble Forecasts C. Keil, G. Craig 220
7.3 CLM - The Climate Version of LM: Brief Description and Long-Term Applications U. Böhm, M. Kücken, W. Ahrens, A. Block, D. Hauffe, K. Keuler, B. Rockel, A. Will 225
7.4 The Effect of Ice-Phase Microphysics on Tropical Cyclones simulated by the Lokal Modell T. Frisius, T. Hasselbeck, F. Herbert 236
7.5 Application of the LM to Investigate the Sharpness of the Extratropical Tropopause T. Szabó, V. Wirth 242
7.6 Numerical Simulations of the Elbe Flood Case: Sensitivity to Initial and Boundary Data G. Zängl, G. Hartjenstein, G. Doms, H. Frank, U. Schättler 246
Appendix 257