News Letter No2

Publication date: February 2002

The 2nd News Letter is available in two formats: as pdf (20Mb) and ps (gzipped 12Mb). Below is its table of contents:

COSMO Newsletter No. 2 table of Contents
1 Christoph Schraff Assimilation of Aircraft Observations
2 Maria Tomassini, G. Gendt, G. Dick, M. Ramatschi and C. Schraff Monitoring of Integrated Water Vapour from Ground-Based GPS Observations and their Assimilation in a Limited-Area NWP Model
3 Almut Gassmann A Two Timelevel Integration Scheme for the LM
4 Michael Baldauf Integration by Time-splitting in Mesoscale Models
5 Daniel Leuenberger The SLEVE Coordinate in LM
6 Jürgen Steppeler and Heinz-Werner Bitzer The Z-Coordinate Version of the LM
7 Almut Gassmann 3D-Transport of Precipitation
8 Thorsten Reinhardt and Ulrike Wacker Impact of Parameterization Assumptions on Cloud Physical Quantities
9 Günther Doms The LM Cloud Ice Scheme
10 Erdmann Heise Three Closure Conditions for the Massflux Convection Parameterization
11 Marco Arpagaus Implementation of the Kain-Fritsch Convection Scheme
12 Dmitrii Mironov, F. Beyrich, E. Heise and M. Raschendorfer The Water Surface Roughness Length for Temperature: An Observational Study
13 Reinhold Schrodin and Erdmann Heise A New Multi-Layer Soil-Model
14 Susanne Theis, A. Hense, U. Damrath and V. Renner Ensemble Prediction and Statistical Postprocessing of Weather Parameters
15 Andrea Montani, C. Marsigli, F. Nerozzi and T. Paccagnella First Results with COSMO-LEPS Limited-area Ensemble Prediction System) During the MAP Season
16 Andrea M. Rossa Comparison of Model and Radar Precipitation Fields Using a Simple Pattern Matching Method
17 Carlo Cacciamani, P. Emiliani, M. Ferri and E. Minguzzi High Resolution Verification of Hydrostatic and Non-Hydrostatic LAM; Precipitation Forecasts in Italy
18 Francis Schubiger Comparison of Forecasts with and without Nudging: Surface Parameters over Switzerland for April - December 2001
19 Francis Schubiger Verification results of aLMo with and without new TKE-scheme: 14 August-6 November 2001