COSMO News Letter No. 10

Date of publication: January 2010

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COSMO Newsletter No. 10: Table of Contents
Title Author(s) pg
Editorial & contents
1 Working Group on Data Asimilation
1.1 Soil initialization strategy for the COSMO model F. Di Giuseppe, G. Bonafe, D. Cesari 11
1.2 An Empirical Radar Data Quality Function for LHN: Experiments with COSMO-2 A. Rossa, F. Laudanna del Guerra, D. Leuenberger 9
1.3 Is the Local Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter suitable for operational data assimilation? M. Tsyrulnikov 15
1.4 The importance of small-scale analysis on the forecasts of COSMO-DE K. Stephan, C. Schraff 4
4 Working Group on Interpretation and Applications
4.1 Recent updates of the COSMO-SREPS ensemble system C. Marsigli, F. Gofa, P. Louka, A. Montani, T. Paccagnella 4
4.2 Statistical properties and validation of Quantitative Precipitation Forecast M. Tesini, C. Cacciamani, T. Paccagnella 10
5 Working Group on Verification and Case Studies
5.1 QPF verification for 2008/2009 of several COSMO-Model versions E. Oberto, M. Milelli, M. Giorcelli 9
5.2 Verification of COSMO-2 with independent data from a wind profiler C. Hug, P. Kaufmann, D. Ruffieux 6
5.3 Retrieving tornado like wind structure (20.07.2007, Czestochowa, Poland case) using singular radar Doppler velocity J. Parfiniewicz 2
5.4 Overview of operational verification results in Poland K. Starosta, J. Linkowska 8
Appendix 86