COSMO News Letter No. 19

Date of publication: October 2019

Get the "one-piece" document (pdf 8.1MiB), or download the separate articles from the index-table below:

COSMO Newsletter No. 19: Table of Contents
Editorial Dmitrii Mironov pdf
Working Group on Data Assimilation
Statistical analysis of radar refflectivities observed and simulated by EMVORADO Virginia Poli, Thomas Gastaldo, Pier Paolo Alberoni, Tiziana Paccagnella pdf
Assimilation of radar reflectivity volumes employing defferential observation error covariance matrices Thomas Gastaldo, Virginia Poli, Chiara Marsigli, Pier Paolo Alberoni, Tiziana Paccagnella pdf
Estimation of model errors on convective scales: a coarse-graining study (preliminary stage results) Michael Tsyrulnikov and Dmitry Gayfulin pdf
Working Group on Physircal Aspects: Upper Air
Implementation of the new cloud-radiation scheme in COSMO Pavel Khain, Harel Muskatel, Ulrich Blahak pdf
Working Group on Physical Aspects: Soil and Surface
Impacts on model performance score from CALMO and CALMO-MAX Voudouri A, Carmona I, Avgoustoglou, Levi Y, Bettems J.M, E.Buchignani pdf
Working Group on Verification and Case Studies
Spatial verification techniques applied to high resolution models for an intense precipitation summer event in Greece Boucouvala D, Gofa F, Samos I pdf
A user oriented verification methodology for wind forecast Maria Stefania Tesini pdf
Working Group on Predictability and Ensemble Methods
Performances of COSMO-based ensemble systems for cases of High-Impact Weather over Italy G. Pincini, A. Montani, T. Paccagnella, M.S. Tesini, C. Marsigli pdf
Mission Reports
Influence of Perturbation Type on Results of EPS Forecasts of Surface Elements Grzegorz Duniec, Andrzej Mazur pdf
ANN post-processing of EPS Andrzej Mazur, Grzegorz Duniec pdf
Forecasts of Convective Phenomena Using EPS-based Computation of Universal Tornadic Index Andrzej Mazur pdf