News Letter No. 7

Date of publication: April 2008

This Newsletter serves as the Proceedings from the 8th COSMO General Meeting in Bucharest, 2006, and contains summaries from most presentations at this meeting.

COSMO Newsletter No. 7: Table of Contents
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1 Editorial : Introduction and Strategy 1
2 Working Group on Numerical AspectsAuthor 7
2.1 A Tool for Testing Conservation Properties in the COSMO-Model M. Baldauf 7
2.2 Precipitation Forecast of the Z-Coordinate vs. the Terrain Following Version of LM over Greece E. Avgoustoglou, V. Tirli, I. Papageorgiou 18
3 Working Group on Physical AspectsAuthor 25
3.1 A Revised Cloud Microphysical Parameterization for COSMO-LME A. Seifert 25
3.2 Romanian Contribution in Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts Project R. Dumitrache, V. Pescaru, L. Velea, C. Barbu 29
3.3 valuation of the Kain-Fritsch / Bechtold Convection Scheme S. Dierer, F. Schubiger 37
4 Working Group on Interpretation and ApplicationsAuthor 43
4.1 The Impact of the Alps on COSMO-LEPS Forecasts for the August 2005 Flood Event A. Walser, M.A. Liniger, C. Hohenegger 43
4.2 Probabilistic Verification of COSMO-LEPS Forecasts with SYNOP Stations A. Walser, M.A. Liniger 49
4.3 Postprocessing of the aLMo Precipitation with the Neighborhood Method P. Kaufmann 57
4.4 Sensitivity Tests for LPDM T. Popova, P. Kaufmann 61
5 Working Group on Verification and Case StudiesAuthor 69
5.1 Verification of LAMI at Synop Stations A. Raspanti, A. Celozzi 69
5.2 Latest Results of the Meteorological Elements Verification over Poland K. Starosta, J. Linkowska, A. Mazur 75
5.3 Results on Precipitation Verification over Italy E. Oberto, M. Turco, P. Bertolotto 83
5.4 WG5-Report from Switzerland: Verification of the COSMO Model in the Year 2006 F. Schubiger, P. Kaufmann, A. Walser, E. Zala 91
5.5 Comparison of aLMo2 with WINDBANK Measurements O. Marchand, P. Kaufmann 100
6 Working Group on Implementation and Reference VersionAuthor 107
6.1 Comparing COSMO Models 3.19 vs. 3.5 on the 30h Precipitation Forecast by Parallel Run during July - September 2006 over Europe J.-W. Parfiniewicz 107
6.2 Research Run Script System with Elements of Postprocessing W. Interewicz 111
Appendix 113