News Letter No. 8

Date of publication: August 2008

This Newsletter serves as the Proceedings from the 9th COSMO General Meeting in Athens, 2007, and contains summaries from presentations at this meeting.

COSMO Newsletter No. 8: Table of Contents
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1 Editorial : Introduction 1
3 Working Group on Physical AspectsAuthor 2
3.1 TKE as a Measure of Turbulence B. Szintai, P. Kaufmann 2
3.2 An Advanced Snow Parameterization for Models of Atmospheric Circulation E. Machul'skaya, V. Lykosov 10
3.3 Revision of the Turbulent Gust Diagnostics in the COSMO-Model J.-P. Schulz 17
4 Working Group on Interpretation and ApplicationsAuthor 23
4.1 Five Years of Limited-Area Ensemble Activities at ARPA-SIM: The COSMO-LEPS System A. Montani, C. Marsigli, T. Paccagnella 23
4.2 The COSMO-SREPS Priority Project: The Autumn 2008 Testing Period C. Marsigli, A. Montani, T. Paccagnella 27
5 Working Group on Verification and Case StudiesAuthor 37
5.1 Report about the Latest Results of Precipitation Verification over Italy E. Oberto, M. Turco 37
5.2 High Resolution Verification of COSMO-I7 2m Temperature over Emilia-Romagna Region M.-S. Tesini, C. Cacciamani 45
Appendix 57