COSMO News Letter No. 13

Date of publication: April 2013

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COSMO Newsletter No. 13: Table of Contents
Title Author(s) pg
Editorial & contents
1 Working Group on Data Assimilation
1.1 Are atmospheric-model tendency errors perceivable from routine observations? M. Tsyrulnikov, V. Gorin 16
1.2 COSMO Data Assimilation. Applications for Romanian Territory A. Iriza, R. C. Dumitrache, C. D. Barbu, A. Lupascu, B. A. Maco 6
2 Working Group on Physical Aspects: Upper Air
2.1 Implementation of TKE–Scalar Variance Mixing Scheme into COSMO E. Machulskaya, D. Mironov 9
2.2 On the Direct Comparison of COSMO Model Sub-Grid Stratiform Cloud Schemes with Satellite Images E. Avgoustoglou 5
3 Working Group on Physical Aspects: Soil and Surface
3.1 Realization of the parametric snow cover model SMFE for snow characteristics calculation according to standard net meteorological observations E. Kazakova, M. Chumakov, I. Rozinkina 11
3.2 New Approach to Parameterization of Physical Processes in Soil in COSMO Model - Preliminary Results G. Duniec, A. Mazur 6
4 Working Group on Interpretation and Applications
4.1 On thunderstorm quantification J. Parfiniewicz 2
4.2 Operational multiscale modelling system for air quality forecast M. Giorcelli, S. Bande, M. Muraro, M. Milelli 6
5 Working Group on Verification and Case Studies
5.1 Using synoptic classification to evaluate COSMOGR through Weather Dependant Verification F. Gofa ,D. Tzeferi 5
5.2 Tropospheric Delay (ZTD) and Precipitable Water data from COSMO model vs. geodetic GPS network data M. Kruczyk, A. Mazur 14
5.3 COSMO model validation using the Italian radar mosaic and the rain gauges estimated precipitation N. Vela, R. Cremonini, E. Oberto, M. Giorcelli 10
6 Working Group on Predictability and Ensemble Methods
6.1 Development of a COSMO–based limited–area ensemble system for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games A. Montani, C. Marsigli, T. Paccagnella 7
6.2 Test of a COSMO-based convection-permitting ensemble in the Hymex framework C. Marsigli, A. Montani,T. Paccegnella 5
Appendix 2