COSMO News Letter No. 21

Date of publication: May 2022

COSMO Newsletter No.21 (May 2022)
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Editorial Gebhardt Christoph pdf
Working Group on Data Assimilation
Derecho of 11 August 2017 confirms the Thunderstorm Thermometer approach Jan Parfiniewicz pdf
Briefly about the derecho event over Poland in 11 August 2017 Jan Parfiniewicz, Piotr Barański, Wojciech Gajda, Jerzy Konarski, Witold Interewicz, Wies law Lazarewicz, Jan Walasek pdf
Working Group on Verification and Case Studies
Summary of Results from the COSMO Priority Project CARMA: Common Area with Rfdbk/MEC Application A. Iriza-Burcă, F. Gofa, D. Boucouvala, T. Andreadis, J. Linkowska,P. Khain, A. Shtivelman, F. Batignani, A. Pauling, A. Kirsanov, T. Gastaldo, B. Maco, M. Bog- dan, F. Fundel pdf
Common Area Results 2020-2021 Flora Gofa pdf
Working Group on Implementation and Reference Version
COSMO-Model 6.0 - The Last Official Version Ulrich Schättler pdf
Mission Reports
Priority Project COSMO-EULAG Operationalization (PP CELO) Bogdan Rosa, Marcin J. Kurowski, Joanna Linkowska, Zbigniew P. Piotrowski, Damian K. Wójcik and Micha l Z. Ziemiański pdf
Priority Task Consolidation of COSMO-EULAG (PT CCE) Damian K. Wójcik, Bogdan Rosa and Micha l Z. Ziemiański pdf
Appendix List of COSMO Newsletters and Technical Reports pdf