COSMO News Letter No. 18

Date of publication: November 2018

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COSMO Newsletter No. 18: Table of Contents
Title Author(s) pg
Editorial & contents
1 Working Group on Interpretation and Applications
1.1 Sensitivity of precipitation forecast skill to the parameterisation of moist convection in COSMO-based ensable systems M. Vasconi 8
2 Working Group on Verification and Case Studies
2.1 Comparison and verification of different convection schemes in COSMO model V. Garbero, N. Vela, E. Oberto, M. Milelli 6
3 Working Group on Implementation and Reference Version
3.1 C2I Workshop on ICON-LAM Setup and Experiments D. Rieger, H. Asensio, C.D. Barbu, D. Blinov, G. Bonatti, E. Bucchignani, I. Cerenzia, R.C. Dumitrache, D. Egerer, V. Garbero, T. Gastaldo, W. Interwicz, P. Khain, A. Kirsanov, F. Marcucci, P. Mercogliano, A. Montani, G. De Morsier, C. Osuna, V. Poli, D. Reinert, T. Reinhardt, R. Scatamacchia, A. Shtivelman, R. Silveira 11
4 Climatic Local area Modeling Community (COSMO-CLM))
4.1 ICCARUS 2018 - The ICON / COSMO / CLM /ART User Seminar D. Rieger, C. Steger, B. Vogel, G. Zangl 4
Appendix 3