COSMO News Letter No. 20

Date of publication: December 2020

COSMO Newsletter No.20 (Dec. 2020)
Get the "one-piece" document (pdf 6.7MiB), or download the separate articles from the index-table below:
Editorial Dmitrii Mironov pdf
Working Group on Physical Aspects: Soil and Surface
Calibration of high resolution COSMO model over Switzerland: CALMO-MAX results Voudouri A, Carmona I, Avgoustoglou E, Levi Y, E. Bucchignani and J.M.Bettems pdf
Working Group on Verification and Case Studies
Common Verification Activity during JJA 2018–MAM 2019: Main Results Kirsanov A., Gofa F., Boucouvala D., Batignani F., Bogdan M., Linkowska J., Pflüger U., Tesini M.S., and A. Bundel pdf
Common Area Verification Activity with Rfdbk/MEC Application: MAM 2020 First Results A. Iriza-Burcă, J. Linkowska and F. Fundel pdf
Mission Reports
COSMO-EPS results for Poland with ANN-based calibration coupled with space-lag correlation application A. Mazur, G. Duniec pdf
EPS-Case study of serious HIW event in Poland, August 11th, 2017.Increasing resolution approach: from 7 km to 0.7km A. Mazur, G. Duniec pdf
Appendix List of COSMO Newsletters and Technical Reports pdf