COSMO News Letter No. 11

Date of publication: April 2011

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COSMO Newsletter No. 11: Table of Contents
Title Author(s) pg
Editorial & contents
1 Working Group on Data Asimilation
1.1 The effects of T2m assimilation on surface fluxes in COSMO-I2 M.Galli, M.Milelli, C.Cassardo, M. Giorcelli 19
1.2 Bias Correction of Humidty Measurements by Radio Sondes of Vaisala RS 92 K.Stephan, C.Schraff 5
1.3 LETKF for the nonhydrostatic regional model COSMO-DE H.Reich, A.Rhodin, C.Schraff 5
3 Working Group on Physical Aspects
3.1 Introducing a sea ice scheme in the COSMO model J.P.Schulz 9
3.2 Testing of Snow Parameterization Schemes in COSMO-Ru: Analysis and Results E.Kazakova, I.Rozinkina 11
3.3 Preliminary results with very high resolution COSMO model for the forecast of convective events A. Morgillo 9
3.4 Various Implementations of a Statistical Cloud Scheme in COSMO model E.Avgoustoglou 8
3.5 COLOBOC - MOSAIC parameterization in COSMO model v. 4.8 G.Duniec, A.Mazur 13
5 Working Group on Verification and Case Studies
5.1 20th of July 2007 tornado - towards prediction J.Parfiniewicz 7
5.2 Seasonal and monthly verification of COSMO_PL J.Linkowska 7
5.3 Analysing mesoscale structures using the COSMO numerical weather forecast, case study - 9 Oct. 2010 A.Iriza, C.Barbu, R.C.Dumitrache, B.Maco, M.Bogdan 8
7 Working Group on Predictability and Ensemble Methods
7.1 Increase of COSMO-LEPS horizontal resolution and its impact on the probabilistic prediction of precipitation events A.Montani, C.Marsigli, T.Paccagnella 6
7.2 A study on the spread/error relationship of the COSMO-LEPS ensemble M.Salmi, C.Marsigli, A.Montani, T.Paccagnella 5
7.3 Initial condition perturbations for the COSMO-DE-EPS C.Peralta, M.Buchhold 9
7.4 Upscaled and fuzzy probabilistic forecasts: verification results Z.B.Bouallegue 9
8 Climatic Local area Modeling Community (COSMO-CLM)
8.1 Evaluation of Central European and Eastern Alpine seasonal climate simulated with CCLM: double nesting vs. direct forcing techniques G.Georgievski, K.Keuler, A.Will, K.Radtke 10
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