COSMO News Letter No. 12

Date of publication: April 2012

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COSMO Newsletter No. 12: Table of Contents
Title Author(s) pg
Editorial & contents
2 Working Group on Numerical Aspects
2.1 Horizontal nonlinear Smagorinsky diffusion M. Baldauf, G. Zangl 5
3 Working Group on Physical Aspects
3.1 Tests of TILES/MOSAIC parametrisation in COSMO model G. Duniec, A. Mazur 12
3.2 A Smagorinsky-Lilly turbulence closure for COSMO-LES: Implementation and comparison to ARPS W. Langhans, J. Schmidli, B. Szintai 12
5 Working Group on Verification and Case Studies
5.1 Post-processing COSMO output for improved wind forecasts C. Sweeney, P. Lynch, P. Nolan, J. Courtney 4
5.2 QPF verification of Italian COSMO-models using different parameters of the precipitation distribution M. Tesini 7
5.3 Description and application of a budget-diagnosis tool in COSMO W. Langhans, O. Fuhrer, J. Schmidli 9
5.4 A Note on the Direct Comparison of Synthetic Satellite Images from COSMO Model with MSG Products A. Euripides 4
5.5 Comparative Evaluation of High Resolution Numerical Weather Prediction Models COSMO-WRF B. Maco, M. Bogdan, A. Iriza, C. Barbu, R.C. Dumitrache 8
5.6 Selected COSMO-2 verification results over North-eastern Italian Veneto A. M. Rossa, F. Domenichini, B. Szintai 8
7 Working Group on Predictability and Ensemble Methods
7.1 Comparing COSMO-LEPS and COSMO-SREPS in the short-range C. Marsigli, A. Montani, T. Paccagnella 5
Appendix 2