COSMO News Letter No. 14

Date of publication: April 2014

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COSMO Newsletter No. 14: Table of Contents
Title Author(s) pg
Editorial & contents
1 Working Group on Data Assimilation
1.1 Experiencing 1D-Var+nudging technique in the COSMO model V. Poli, T. Paccagnella, P. P. Alberoni, D. Cesari, P. Patruno 10
1.2 Performance comparison of two COSMO-I2 implementations M. Giorcelli, N. Vela, M. Milelli, E. Oberto, C. Cassardo, M. Galli 6
2 Working Group on Physical Aspects: Upper Air
2.1 First COSMO-E Experiments with the Stochastically Perturbed Parametrization Tendencies (SPPT) Scheme D. Maurer, A. Walser, M. Arpagaus 9
2.2 Diagnosis of Turbulence Schema in Stable Atmospheric Conditions and Sensitivity Tests I. Cerenzia, F. Tampieri, M. S. Tesini 9
3 Working Group on Physical Aspects: Soil and Surface
3.1 Initial fields of snow cover characteristics preparation for COSMO-Ru E. Kazakova, M. Chumakov, I. Rozinkina 6
3.2 Experiments in soil physics - case study G. Duniec, A. Mazur 11
4 Working Group on Interpretation and Applications
4.1 First results of simulations with COSMO-1_ITA and comparison of results with COSMO configurations at different resolutions M. P. Manzi, P. Mercogliano, M. Milelli 15
4.2 Between forecasting and nowcasting strong convective events J. Parfiniewicz 1
5 Working Group on Implementation and Reference Version
5.1 COSMO in Single Precision S. Rudisuhli, A. Walser, O. Fuhrer 18
6 Working Group on Predictability and Ensemble Methods
6.1 Ensemble forecasting for Sochi-2014 Olympics: the COSMO-based ensemble prediction systems A. Montani, D. Alferov, E. Astakhova, C. Marsigli,T. Paccagnella 7
6.2 A sensitivity test to assess the impact of different soil moisture initializations on short range ensemble variability in COSMO model R. Bonanno, N. Loglisci 11
6.3 COTEKINO Priority Project - Results of Sensitivity Tests G. Duniec, A. Mazur 8
Appendix 2