Priority Project "COLOBOC" Meetings

Last updated: 25 March 2011

The first 5 COLOBOC meetings (and the joint SOILVEG) workshops are documented here (in reverse date order). Use the links in the tables below to download the presentations given in them

5th COLOBOC & COLOBOC Workshop, 28 February 2011, Langen
Title Author(s) Download
Minutes Of The Meeting J. M. Bettems pdf (33kb)
SOILVEG activities
Matthieu Masbou Overview of TransRegio32 project (Modeling of Soil-Atmosphere interactions) pdf (9.9Mb)
Benoit Guillod Comparison between FAO and JRC soil maps within COSMO-CLM pdf (4.8Mb)
Omar Bellprat New soil albedo map in COSMO-CLM pdf (3.5Mb)
Merja Schlueter Land cover change experiments pdf (0.7Mb)
Edouard Davin Overview of COSMO-CLM2 at ETHZ pdf (15.5Mb)
Barla Vieli Comparison COSMO vs COSMO-CLM2 in NWP mode pdf (0.5Mb)
COLOBOC activities
Hermann Ascensio New system for the generation of external parameters pdf (4.5Mb)
Juergen Helmert Land-surface model calibration: Results from new experiments pdf (6.9Mb)
Ekaterina Machulskaya Further development of the tile approach for TERRA pdf (0.4Mb)
Ekaterina Kazakova Generation of start values of averaged density of snow cover - a proposal pdf ( 7.1Mb)
Martin Lange Update on snow analysis package pdf (0.2Mb)
Jean-Marie Bettems Project status, open questions and future plans pdf ( Mb)
4th COLOBOC & SOILVEG Workshop, 1 March 2010, Langen
Title Author(s) Download
Minutes Of The Meeting J. M. Bettems pdf (46Kb)
Agenda J. M. Bettems pdf (778Kb)
SOILVEG activities
SOILVEG Overview S. Seneviratne pdf (3.73Mb)
Coupling of COSMO/CLM to Community Land Model: COSMO-CLM E. Davin pdf (4.68Mb)
Role of soil moisture for persistence of heat waves R. Lorenz pdf (1.61Mb)
Layered soil in TERRA F. Kalinka, B. Ahrens pdf (4.68Mb)
Projects at U. Cottbus A. Will pdf (623Kb)
Projects at KIT G. Schaedler pdf (1.58Mb)
COLOBOC activities
Software consolidation and new raw data sets for the COSMOexternal parameters H. Asensio pdf (1.19Mb)
Revision of the COSMO land-surface scheme J. Helmert, G. Vogel, H. Asensio pdf (2.71Mb)
Local validation of experiments with COSMO-EU G. Vogel, J. Helmert pdf (1.60Mb)
Snow modellingactivities at RHMC E. Kazakova, I. Rozinkina pdf (722Kb)
Implementation of tile approach in COSMO G. Duniec, A. Mazur pdf (450Kb)
Status of other COLOBOC activities J. M. Bettems pdf (1.60Mb)
Is there a life after COLOBOC? J. M. Bettems pdf (894Kb)
Long-term plans for SOILVEG S. Seneviratne pdf (6.70Mb)
3rd workshop of Priority Project "COLODOC", 7 September 2009, DWD
Title Author(s) Download
Minutes of the third Priority Project workshop J. M. Bettems pdf (23Kb)
2nd workshop of Priority Project "COLODOC", 12 March 2009, Langen
Title Author(s) Download
Minutes of the meeting J. M. Bettems pdf (60Kb)
Introduction J. M. Bettems pdf (55Kb)
EXTPAR requirements H. Asensio pdf (390Kb)
EXTPAR status H. Asensio pdf (1.4Mb)
EXTPAR requirements for COSMO ART KIT pdf (23Kb)
Obs for SVAT validation J. M. Bettems pdf (387Kb)
Status of Snow analysis G. deMorsier, J.M. Bettems, Ek. Machulskaya pdf (2.3Mb)
Status of Snow model Ek. Machulskaya pdf (680Kb)
Revision of SVAT model TERRA J. Helmert, G. Vogel, F. Ament pdf (236Kb)
Status of TERRA standalone J.M. Bettems pdf (99Kb)
COSMO CLM report ETH Zurich pdf (2.7Mb)
1st workshop of Priority Project "COLODOC", 6 November 2008, Langen
Title Author(s) Download
Minutes of the first Priority Project workshop J. M. Bettems pdf (57Kb)