What is a "Priority Task" ?

Last updated: April 2017


A specific research and development work can be accepted by STC as a Priority Task (PT). A PT denotes short term (about one year) R&D activities involving one or a few contributing scientists with a total effort of 1 FTE at most.

The documentation of each Priority Task contains the general description of the project, together with its subtasks, details of each subtask (like status, targets and considerations, people involved etc), the FTEs allocation table and possible meeting details and conclusions.

In case you are submitting a proposal for a PT, download the PT proposal template.

the tasks

These are COSMO's Priority Tasks (PTs), which are active for the current COSMO year (Sep '17 to Aug '18). Their documentation can be downloaded by clicking their titles in the table below.

See this year's FTEs

completed tasks

Here are the older and now completed Priority Tasks: