8th COSMO General Meeting
18-22 September 2006, Bucharest (Romania)

Local organiser: National Meteorological Administration, Romania (NMA)

See the commemorative photo of the meeting


Monday, September 18
Reporting, Parallel Sessions
all registration 08:00-08:30
all Working Group parallel sessions WG1, WG2, WG3, WG4, WG5, WG6 08:30-10:00
all Coffee near poster area 10:00-10:30
all Parallel sessions (continued) 10:30-12:30
all lunch 12:30-13:30
all Parallel sessions (continued) and Steering Commitee Meeting 13:30-15:30
all coffee near poster area, registration 15:30-16:00
Opening General Meeting Chair: Mathias Rotach
all Welcome address by Minister of Environment and Water Management Sulfina Barbou 16:00-16:10
all Welcome by the General Director of NMA Ion Sandu 16:10-16:20
all Welcome by the chairman of the Steering Committee Mathias Rotach 16:20-16:30
all Report from the Scientific Project Manager (ppt, 300Kb) Tiziana Paccagnella 16:30-16:45
all UKMO Ensemble (ppt, 2.4Mb) Terry Davies 16:45-18:00
all UKMO DA at km scale
all poster session and ice breaker 18:10-20:00
Tuesday, September 19 (morning)
Reporting, Plenary Sessions Chair: Pierre Eckert
all WG 1: Overview status report Christoph Schraff 08:30-09:00
all Report on the Sir Project Christoph Schraff 09:00-09:15
all Report on the 1-DVAR Project Reinhold Hess 09:15-09:30
all Poster presentations and Discussion 09:30-10:00
all WG 2: Overview status report (ppt, 3.5Mb) Jurgen Steppeler 10:00-10:20
all coffee near poster area 10:20-10:50
all Report on LM_Z project (ppt, 4.5Mb) Jurgen Steppeler 10:50-11:05
all Report on RK project (ppt, 8.5Mb) Michael Baldauf 11:05-11:20
all Poster presentations and Discussion 11:20-11:50
all WG 3: Overview status report (ppt, 1.9Mb) Marco Arpagaus 11:50-12:05
all Report on UTCS project (ppt, 1.8Mb) Mathias Raschendorfer 12:05-12:20
all Report on QPF Project (ppt, 2.5Mb) Ulrich Damrath & Axel Seifert 12:50-14:00
all lunch 12:35-14:15
Tuesday, September 19 (afternoon)
Repoting, Plenary Session (cont.) Chair: Christoph Schraff
all Poster presentations and discussion 14:15-14:45
all WG 4: Overview status report (ppt, 2.9Mb) Pierre Eckert 14:45-15:00
all Report on SREPS project (ppt, 1,9Mb) Chiara Marsigli 15:00-15:15
all Report on Interpretation project (ppt, 4.5Mb) Pierre Eckert 15:15-15:30
all Poster presentations and Discussion 15:30-16:00
all coffee near poster area 16:00-16:30
all WG 5: Overview status report (ppt 300Kb) Adriano Raspanti 16:30-16:40
all Report on Conditional Verification Project (doc, 95Kb) Adriano Raspanti 16:40-16:55
all Highlights and outcomes from verification activities Adriano Raspanti 16:55-17:10
all Poster presentations and Discussion 17:10-17:40
all WG 6: Overview status report and report on support activities project (ppt, 200kb) Ulrich Schattler 17:40-18:00
all Recent developments of the LM with respect to snow cover J. P. Schulz 18:00-18:15
all Presentation of the CLM community A. Will 17:40-18:00
all Discussion 18:30-18:40
Wednesday, September 20 (morning)
Planning, Plenary Sessions Chair: T. Paccagnella
all Plans in Germany Gerhard Adrian 08:30-08:40
all Plans in Switzerland Philippe Steiner 08:40-08:50
all Plans in Italy (UGM and ARPA-SIM) Massimo Ferri 08:50-09:10
all Plans in Greece (ppt, Ioannis Papageorgiou 09:10-09:20
all Plans in Poland Ryszard Klejnowski 09:20-09:30
all Plans in Romania (ppt, 42Kb) Victor Pescaru 09:30-09:40
all Strategy for the comming years Mathias Rotach 09:40-10:00
all coffee near poster area 10:00-10:30
Plannig, Plenary Session (cont.) Chair: Hans-Joachim Koppert
all Suggested Projects for next year Tizianna Paccagnella 10:30-10:45
all Discussion 10:45-11:30
all Informal Cross-Wg Discussion And Poster Session 11:30-12:30
all lunch 12:30-14:00
Wednesday, September 20 (afternoon)
Planning, Parallel Sessions
all Working Group parallel sessions, Steering Committee Meeting 14:00-16:00
all coffee 16:00-16:30
all Working Group parallel sessions, Steering Committee Meeting 16:30-18:30
all Sponsor Presentation (IBM) 18:30-19:00
all Social Dinner 20:00
Thursday, September 21 (morning)
Presntation of Plans, Plenary Session Chair: A. Raspanti
all WG 1: Plans for next year (activities and Projects) Christoph Schraff (activities and Projects) 08:30-08:50
all WG 2: Plans for next year (activities and Projects) Jurgen Steppeler (activities and Projects) 08:50-09:10
all WG 3: Plans for next year (activities and Projects) Marco Arpagaus 09:10-09:30
all WG 4: Plans for next year (activities and Projects) (ppt, 4Mb) Pierre Eckert 09:13-09:50
all coffee near poster area 09:50-10:20
Presntation of plans, Plenary Session (cont.) Chair: M. Arpagaus
all WG 5: Plans for next year (ppt, 34Kb) Adriano Raspanti 10:20-10:40
all WG 6: Plans for next year (pdf, 33Kb) Ulrich Schaettler 10:40-11:00
Presentation of related projects (5min each)
Andrea MontaniEurovisk/Preview WPs Plain Flood and Windstorm (ppt, 830Kb)
Chiara MarsigliRisk Aware
Massimo MilelliAmphore-Eurorisk /Preview WP Very Short Range Flash-Flood Laborator (ppt, 800Kb-160Kb)
Marco ArpagausMAP D-PHASE (ppt, 980Kb)
Mathias RotachCOST 731 (ppt, 540Kb)
Pirmin Kaufmanncost 728 (ppt, 100Kb)
Jurgen SteppelerICON (ppt, 2.4Mb)
Jurgen SteppelerLead Centre for Non-Hydrostatic Modelling
Massimo FerriLead Centre for Short-Range EPS
all SRNWP report (ppt, 93Kb) Jean Quiby 12:15-12:45
all Closure of the meeting Mathias Rotach 12:45