Consortium Meetings

General, Seminars, Committees, Workshops

3 Mar 2016

The activities of the consortium are developed through extensive and continuous contacts among scientists, Working Group Coordinators, the Scientific Project Manager and the Steering Committee members via electronic mail, special meetings and internal workshops.

General Meeting

Once a year, in September, there is the General Meeting of the COSMO community in order to present results, deliverables and progress reports from the Priority Projects and Working Groups. During this meeting the plans for the next COSMO year are defined.

You may be informed about the general meetings, by visiting their agendas page


The annual ICCARUS Seminar takes place at DWD (Offenbach), organized by DWD in cooperation with the CLM-Community and the COSMO-ART community. ICCARUS brings together developers and users of the non-hydrostatic COSMO and ICON models, which are used in numerical weather predication as well as climate simulations and air quality modeling and its feedback with the atmosphere.

ICCARUS has sessions on ► data assimilation ► external parameters & boundary conditions ► numerics & dynamics ► physical parameterizations ► NWP & regional climate model applications ► predictability & ensemble systems ► verification & evaluation.

Administrative Meetings

The Steering Committee (STC), the Scientific Management Committee (SMC) and the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) may meet several times per year. Minutes of the STC, SMC and TAG meetings are published in due time after the meetings.


The various Working Groups and Priority Projects may organize their own specialized workshops. These are accessible from each Working Group and Priority Project inividual web page, by following their "meetings"; link. (See the Working Group and the Priority Project pages)

COSMO Developers Workshops

To coordinate the different issues of COSMO-Model development, a Developers Workshop should be organized regularly, where all ongoing and planned developments can be discussed. A first workshop has been organized in January 2016.

More information on the workshops can be found in the index page.