What is a "Priority Project" ?

Last updated: October 2012

At the general meeting of 2005, several priority projects (PP) were decided. Each member organization comitted some percentage of its research personel in order to fulfill these priority projects within the next four years-periods.

The amount of research time offered by the individual COSMO members is measured as "Full Time Equivalent" (FTE) percentages (e.g. FTE=0.3 means 30% of full time).

Each Priority Project (currently active or completed) has its own pages. There you can find the general description of the project and each of its subtasks, details of each subtask (like status, targets and considerations, people involved etc), the FTEs allocation table and possible meeting details and conclusions

Currently active Projects

These are the Priority projects, active for the current COSMO year (Sep to Aug)

See the COSMO countries PP involvement for the year.

Past, completed Projects

Several priority projects have been completed by now: