22nd COSMO General Meeting, 1-11 September 2020, teleconferences

Last update: 1 September 2020 (get pdf)

This page displays the schedule of the plenary session of the General Meeting. The parallel sessions of the WorkGroups and Priority Projects are shown in the parallel sessions agenda.

The meeting was originally planned to take place at Geneva, organized by MeteoSwiss, but due to the Covid19 restrictions, all sessions were online, via WebEx (DWD) or Zoom (MeteoSwiss).

Tuesday, 8 September 2020
Chair: Flora Gofa
Lucio Torrisi Opening pdf 08:45-09:00
Christoph Schraff WG1 (+ PP KENDA-O) pdf 09:00-09:50
Michael Baldauf WG2 ppt 09:50-10:20
Zbigniew Piotrowski PP EX CELO pdf 10:20-10:40
coffee 10:40-11:00
Chair: Matthias Raschendorfer
D. Boucouvala Common Verification results pptx 11:00-11:15
Amalia Iriza-Burca PP CARMA pdf 11:15-11:25
Flora Gofa WG5 activities and PP AWARE pdf 11:25-11:50
Anastasia Bundel WG4 (+ PP AWARE) ppt 11:50-12:30
lunch 12:30-14:00
Chair: Christoph Schraff
Ulrich Schättler WG6: new COSMO-model versions (towards final version 6.0 and beyond) pdf 14:00-14:35
Günther Zängl ICON news   14:35-15:10
Bernhard Vogel ICON (COSMO) ART pdf 15:10-15:30
Wednesday, 9 September 2020
Chair: Michael Baldauf
Jean-Marie Bettems WG3b overview pptx 08:45-08:50
Paola Mercogliano PT AEVUS2 pdf 08:50-09:10
Sascha Bellaire PT SAINT pptx 09:05-09:30
Antigoni Voudouri CALMO-MAX pptx 09:30-09:45
Harel Muskatel PP CAIIR pdf 09:45-10:15
Matthias Raschendorfer WG3a, ConSAT   10:15-10:40
coffee 10:40-11:00
Chair: Anastasia Bundel
Massimo Milelli WG6 (+ PP CEL-ACCEL + PP IMPACT + COSMO LEPS + COSMO Web) pdf 11:00-12:10
Zbigniew Piotrowski Final summary of the CEL-ACCEL pdf 11:55-12:10
Jean-Marie Bettems EXTPAR + Fieldextra + TERRA standalone pptx 12:10-12:30
lunch 12:30-14:00
Chair: Massimo Milelli
Chiara Marsigli WG7 (+ PP APSU + COSMO-EPSs) pptx 14:00-15:00
Daniel Kull, Jacques Ambühl World Bank HydrometSupport in Central Asia pdf 15:00-15:30
Thursday, 10 September 2020
Chair: Chiara Marsigli
Daniel Rieger PP C2I (+ NWP Test Suite) pdf 09:00-09:40
Christian Steger COSMO CLM pdf 09:40-10:00
Balazs Szintai SRNWP pdf 10:00-10:30
coffee 10:40-11:00
STC Meeting 11:00-12:30
lunch 13:00-14:30
STC meeting 14:30-
Friday, 11 September 2020
Lucio Torrisi STC overview pdf 09:00-09:30
all presenting "Mr COSMO" and saying thanks and farewells to the retiring Detlev Majewski pptx 09:30-09:45
All Break 09:30-10:00
All Final Discussion (moderated by Lucio Torrisi) 10:00-10:40
coffee 10:40-11:00
All Final discussion (cont’d) 11:00-12:30