Transition to ICON

Last updated: 26 Feb 2024

Consortium member states are expected to have replaced COSMO with ICON model in 2022. This page, gathers links to useful resources in hope of making the transition easier.

The global-model ICON

The ICON modelling framework is a joint project between the Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD) and the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology (MPI-M) for developing a unified next-generation global numerical weather prediction and climate modelling system.

The ICON model has been introduced into DWD's operational forecast system in January 2015, where it replaced the former global model GME.

Development of a Limited-Area Mode

In the last years DWD developed a limited area mode for ICON (ICON-LAM), which will replace all applications of the COSMO-Model in the near future. During the development it was soon clear that this limited-area mode of ICON outperforms the COSMO-Model in forecast quality and also in computational efficiency. At the same time, further development of the COSMO-Model has been reduced to a lower level only needed for operational production.

In January 2021 ICON-D2 replaced the COSMO-D2 at DWD. Now no more COSMO application is running at DWD.

DWD and MPI-M now pursue the ICON development together with partner institutes:

COSMO Transition to ICON

Priority Project C2I

In 2018 the consortium started the Priority Project C2I (COSMO Transition to ICON), to ensure a smooth transition for all consortium partners from the COSMO-Model to ICON-LAM in a four-year period.

For more information on this Priority Project see the PP C2I Homepage.

Technical Information

If you want to start working with ICON you might find interesting information as follows:

Running ICON:
The ICON Tutorial is the basic introduction manual for ICON. It contains a description of the mathematical-physical model as well as a summary of the most important features and namelist switches of ICON.

Developing for ICON:
Scientists who want to contribute to the development for ICON will find necessary advice on ICON for Developers.

Further Reading:
More documentation can be found on a public wiki page for ICON.

Various links

some information that might be of use:

the collection of ICON configurations member states are using.

a list of model parameters suitable for model tuning and perturbation

Priority projects

Since 2020, development has to apply to ICON. Other than C2I, some priority projects have ICON in their scope: APSU, CAIIR, IMPACTKENDASCOPE, ICON-COMFORT, and C2I4LC.