Joint WG3b/SOILVEG meeting

organized: 5 March 2012

Use the links in the tables below to download the presentations

Title Author(s) Download
agenda of the Meeting J. M. Bettems pdf
Juergen Helmert Towards a unified land-surface scheme: results from global and limited are experiments pdf
Jan-Peter Schulz, Helmut Frank, Hermann Asensio An error in the external parameters computed from the GlobCover2009 land use dataset pdf
Gerd Vogel Stand-alone simulations with the TERRA module for high vegetation with included interception pdf
Alla Yurova Ongoing work on PT mire parameterization pdf
Jana Schroder Incorporation of vertically heterogeneous soils in TERRA pdf
Ekaterina Machulskaya Correction of the surface outgoing long-wave radiation between the calls of the radiation routine and its influence on the surface temperature pdf
Ekaterina Machulskaya Status of the tiles/mosaic approach pdf
Katherina Kasakova The snow water equivalent technology for different climatic condition.
State of Valday for the data pool action.
JM Bettems Status WG3b pdf
Part II Community Land Model
Eric Maisonnave OASIS coupling between COSMO-CLM and CLM (Community Land Model) pdf
Prabhakar Shrestha et al Simulating soil-vegetation-atmosphere interactions with the ParFlow-CLM-COSMO modeling platform pdf
Matthias Demuzere Urban modeling with CLM4 pdf
Part III Discussion

The collaboration between COSMO and the CLM-Community

  • common strategy to keep track of the ongoing and new developments
  • how can the official COSMO code benefit from the CLM-Community effort?
  • learning from intercomparison between TERRA and CLandM
  1. common documentation on the COSMO web (SOILVEG + WG3b)
  2. before defining a new unified release : test that COSMO CLM2 is still running correctly (2-3 months lead time to test a new release)