Cosmo Achievements

Exceptional uses and success stories of COSMO model

This page contains references to successful examples of the international scientific and technical cooperation within the COSMO Consortium.

GPU capable version of COSMO model being used for operational weather forecasting

Over a course of four years, a version of the COSMO model which is capable of running on NVIDIA GPUs was developed in the framework of the POMPA priority project.

Since spring 2016, MeteoSwiss operates the deterministic 1.1km mesh-size COSMO-1 as well as the 21-member 2.2km mesh-size ensemble-system COSMO-E on a novel GPU-based supercomputer. With this system, COSMO demonstrates the capability of its modelling system to provide highest-resolution forecasts (a 1.1km mesh-size model is among the highest-resolved operational NWP models in Europe) on moderately-priced emerging hardware architectures.

The development of the GPU capable version of the COSMO model, has earned MeteoSwiss together with the CSCS, the Swiss ICT Award 2016 (for more details, see in English, or in German).

For more related information, please refer to MeteoSwiss' forecasting and news pages.

Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

It demonstrated the capabilities of COSMO-based systems for short-range numerical weather prediction in winter conditions for a mountainous terrain with

A special priority project was organized in 2011, called CORSO (Consolidation of Operation and Research results for the Sochi Olympic Games), which was completed in 2014. Scientists from Russia, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Greece have participated.

The results of the CORSO project are summarized in this presentation (pdf, 5.5MiB).