COSMO Technical Reports

Last updated: 13 Mar 2024
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Here you find issues of the COSMO Technical Reports series, which will appear at non-regular intervals. The Technical Reports are intended mainly for internal use within the COSMO group, but also to inform other groups on model changes and research activities. The purpose of the Technical Reports is

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No Title Author(s) Date Download Pages
51 CLM Community WG EVAL, COordinated PArameter Testing project 2 (COPAT2): COSMO-CLM 6.0 clm1 recommended model configuration E. Russo, B. Geyer, R. Petrik, K. Keuler, M. Adinol, H. Feldmann, K. Goergen, A. Kerkweg, P. Khain, P. Ludwig, M. Mertens, P. Pothapakula, M. Raffa, B. Rockel, J.-P. Schulz, M. Sulis, H. Thi Minh Ho-Hagemann, H. Truhetz, L. Uzan, U. Voggenberger, C. Steger March 2024 pdf (17 MB) 57
50 The COSMO Priority Project AWARE: Appraisal of "Challenging WeAther" FoREcasts Final Report F. Gofa, A. Bundel, M. S. Tesini, C. Marsigli, M. Hoff, D. Boucouvala, A. Mazur, J. Linkowska, G. Duniec, D. Cattani, B. Pasquier, A. Muraviev, E. Tatarinovich, Y. Khlestova, D. Zakharchenko November 2023 pdf (45.9 MB) 181
49 The COSMO Priority Task VAINT:
Vegetation Atmosphere INTeractions
E. Churiulin, M. Toelle, V. Kopeikin, M. Uebel, J. Helmert and J.-M. Bettems December 2022 pdf (3.5 MB) 51
48 The Priority Project C2I, Transition of COSMO to ICON - Final Report D. Rieger et al. December 2022 pdf (66 MB) 111
47 Calibration of COSMO Model, Priority Project CALMO-MAX: Final Report A. Voudouri, E. Avgoustoglou, Y. Levy, I. Carmona, E. Bucchignani, J.-M. Bettems November 2022 pdf (2 MB) 28
46 The COSMO Priority Project CARMA: Common Area with Rfdbk/MEC Application Final Report A. Iriza-Burca, F. Gofa, D. Boucouvala, T. Andreadis, J. Linkowska, P. Khain, A. Shtivelman, F. Batignani, A. Pauling, A. Kirsanov, T. Gastaldo, B. Maco, M. Bogdan, F. Fundel May 2022 pdf (2 MB) 28
45 The COSMO Priority Project APSU: Final Report C. Marsigli, E. Astakhova, G. Duniec, L. Fuezer, D. Gayfulin, C. Gebhardt, R. Golino, T. Heppelmann, W. Interewicz, F. Marcucci, A. Mazur, M. Sprengel, M. Tsyrulnikov, A. Walser February 2022 pdf (13 MB) 60
44 The COSMO Priority Project CDIC: Comparison of the dynamical cores of ICON and COSMO, Final Report M. Baldauf, D. Wojcik, F. Prill, D. Reinert, R. Dumitrache, A. Iriza, G. deMorsier, M. Shatunova, G. Zaengl, U. Schaettler October 2021 pdf (18 MB) 38
43 The COSMO Priority Project T2(RC)2: Testing and Tuning of Revised Cloud Radiation Coupling, Final Report H. Muskatel, U. Blahak, P. Khain, A. Shtivelman, M. Raschendorfer, M. Kohler, D. Rieger, O. Fuhrer, X. Lapillonne, G. Rivin, N. Chubarova, M. Shatunova, A. Poliukhov, A. Kirsanov, T. Andreadis, S. Gruber April 2021 pdf (18.9 MB) 104
42 A methodology towards the hierarchy
of COSMO parameter calibration tests via the domain sensitivity over the Mediterranean area
E. Avgoustoglou, A. Voudouri, I Carmona, E. Bucchignani, Y. Levy, J.-M. Bettems April 2020 pdf (2.3 MB) 29
41 Performance On Massively Parallel Architectures (POMPA): Final report X. Lapillonne, O. Fuhrer February 2020 pdf (0.7 MB) 16
40 Analysis and Evaluation of TERRA_URB Scheme: PT AEVUS Final Report E. Bucchignani, P. Mercogliano, V. Garbero, M. Milelli, M. Varentsov, I. Rozinkina, G. Rivin, D. Blinov, A. Kirsanov, H. Wouters, J.-P. Schulz, U. Schaettler December 2019 pdf (12 MB) 60
39 Studying perturbations for the representation of modeling uncertainties in Ensemble development (SPRED Priority Project): Final Report C. Marsigli, D. Alferov, E. Astakhova, G. Duniec, D. Gayfulin, C. Gebhardt, W. Interewicz, N. Loglisci, F. Marcucci, A. Mazur, A. Montani, M. Tsyrulnikov, A. Walser May 2019 pdf (15.3 MB) 55
38 The COSMO Priority Project CORSO-A Final Report G. Rivin, I. Rozinkina, E. Astakhova, A. Montani, J-M. Bettems, D. Alferov, D. Blinov, P. Eckert, A. Euripides, J. Helmert, M.Shatunova April 2019 pdf (11.7 MB) 55
37 The COSMO Priority Project INSPECT Final Report A. Bundel, F. Gofa, D. Alferov, E. Astakhova, P. Baumann, D. Boucouvala, U. Damrath, P. Eckert, A. Kirsanov, X. Lapillonne, J. Linkowska, C. Marsigli, A. Montani, A. Muraviev, E. Oberto, M.S. Tesini, N. Vela, A. Wyszogrodzki, M. Zaichenko, A. Walser January 2019 pdf (8 MB) 67
36 The COSMO Priority Project VERSUS2 Final Report A. Raspanti, A. Celozzi, A. Troisi, A. Vocino, R. Bove, F. Batignani November 2018 pdf (0.3 MB) 16
35 The COSMO Priority Project CORSO Final Report G. Rivin, I. Rozinkina, E. Astakhova, A. Montani, D. Alferov, M. Arpagaus, D. Blinov, A. Bundel, M. Chumakov, P. Eckert, A. Euripides, J. Foerstner, J. Helmert, E. Kazakova, A. Kirsanov, V. Kopeikin, E. Kukanova, D. Majewski, C. Marsigli, G. de Morsier, A. Muravev, T. Paccagnella, U. Schaettler, C. Schraff, M. Shatunova, A. Shcherbakov, P. Steiner, M. Zaichenko July 2018 pdf (28.3 MB) 70
34 COsmo Towards Ensembles at the Km-scale IN Our countries” (COTEKINO), Priority Project final report. C. Marsigli, D. Alferov, M. Arpagaus, E. Astakhova, R. Bonanno, G. Duniec, C. Gebhardt, W. Interewicz, N. Loglisci, A. Mazur, V. Maurer, A. Montani, A. Walser May 2018 pdf (35.3 MB) 57
33 V.A.S.T. (Versus Additional Statistical Techniques) User Manual (v2.0) N. Vela September 2017 pdf (0.8 MB) 36
32 Calibration of COSMO Model, Priority Project CALMO Final report A. Voudouri, P. Khain, I. Carmona, E. Avgoustoglou, J.M. Bettems, F. Grazzini, O. Bellprat, P. Kaufmann, E. Bucchignani September 2017 pdf (5 MB) 51
31 CALMO - Progress Report P. Khain, I. Carmona, A. Voudouri, E. Avgoustoglou, J.-M. Bettems, F. Grazzini, P. Kaufmann May 2017 pdf (2.2 MB) 50
30 A Turbulence Kinetic Energy - Scalar Variance Turbulence Parameterization Scheme D. Mironov, E. Machulskaya April 2017 pdf (2.3 MB) 60
29 A Stochastic Pattern Generator for ensemble applications M. Tsyrulnikov, D. Gayfulin July 2016 pdf (1.2 MB) 51
28 RADAR_MIE_LM and RADAR_MIELIB - Calculation of Radar Reflectivity from Model Output U. Blahak January 2016 pdf (23.3 MB) 182
The COSMO Priority Project 'COLOBOC' Final Report
J.-M. Bettems July 2015 pdf (5.8 MB) 76
26 The COSMO Priority Project 'UTCS' Final Report D. Mironov, E. Machulskaya, B. Szintai, M. Raschendorfer, V. Perov, M. Chumakov, E. Avgoustoglou June 2015 pdf (0.3 MB) 17
25 The Proof of the Parameters Calibration Method: CALMO Progress Report P. Khain, I. Carmona, A. Voudouri, E. Avgoustoglou, J.-M. Bettems, F. Grazzini May 2015 pdf (6 MB) 48
24 Online Trajectory Module in COSMO: A short user guide A. K. Miltenberger, A. Roches, S. Pfahl, H. Wernli September 2014 pdf (0.3 MB) 18
23 The COSMO Priority Project 'Conservative Dynamical Core' Final Report M. Baldauf, O. Fuhrer, M. J. Kurowski, G. de Morsier, M. Muellner, Z. P. Piotrowski, B. Rosa, P. L. Vitagliano, D. Wojcik, M. Ziemianski October 2013 pdf (21.4 MB) 118
22 The CONSENS Priority Project C. Marsigli, T. Diomede, A. Montani, T. Paccagnella, P. Louka, F. Gofa, A. Corigliano July 2013 pdf (5.6 MB) 45
21 A new fast-waves solver for the Runge-Kutta dynamical core M. Baldauf April 2013 pdf (0.7 MB) 46
20 Tracer module in the COSMO model A. Roches, O. Fuhrer December 2012 pdf (0.7 MB) 43
19 Seven years of activity in the field of mesoscale ensemble forecasting by the COSMO-LEPS system: main achievements and open challenges A. Montani, D. Cesari, C. Marsigli, T. Paccagnella June 2010 pdf (1.1 MB) 29
18 Statistical Analysis of high-resolution COSMO Ensemble forecasts, in view of Data Assimilation D. Leuenberger April 2010 pdf (3.8 MB) 49
17 Description of some convective indices, implemented in the COSMO model D. Leuenberger, M. Stoll, A. Roches April 2010 pdf (0.3 MB) 19
16 COSMO Priority Project INTERP; Final Report P. Eckert December 2009 pdf (1.1 MB) 35
15 COSMO Priority Project Tackle Deficiencies in Quantitative Precipitation Forecast (QPF): Final Report S. Dierer, M. Arpagaus, U. Damrath, A. Seifert, E. Avgoustoglou, T. Andreadis, M. Baldauf, R. Dumitrache, V. Fragkouli, F. Grazzini, W. Interewicz, P. Louka, P. Mercogliano, P. Mezzasalma, M. Milelli, D. Mironov, A. Morgillo, E. Oberto, A. Parodi, I. V. Pescaru, U. Pflueger, F. Schubiger, K. Starosta, M. S. Tesini October 2009 pdf (16.8 MB) 68
14 COSMO Priority Project Further Developments of the Runge-Kutta Time Integration Scheme (RK); Final Report M. Baldauf, G. Ceci, J. Foerstner, O. Fuhrer, A. Gassmann, H.-J. Herzog, G. de Morsier, T. Reinhardt, G. Rivin, L. Torrisi, P. L. Vitagliano, G. Zaengl October 2009
Rev. Sep 2012
pdf (1.6 MB) 49
13 Final report on priority project SREPS (Short Range Ensemble Prediction System) C. Marsigli June 2009 pdf (1.5 MB) 33
12 Final report on priority project VERSUS (VERification System Unified Survey) A. Raspanti June 2009 pdf (0.1 MB) 12
11 Parameterization of Lakes in Numerical Weather Prediction. Description of a Lake Model D. Mironov August 2008 pdf (0.5 MB) 47
10 Is the Particle Filtering Approach Appropriate for Meso-Scale Data Assimilation? M. D. Tsyrulnikov December 2007 pdf (0.2 MB) 19
9 Operational Implementation of the Multilayer Soil Model E. Heise, B. Ritter, R. Schrodin July 2006 pdf (1.7 MB) 20
8 Evaluation of the Performance of the COSMO-LEPS System C. Marsigli, A. Montani, T. Paccagnella, D. Sacchetti, A. Walser, M. Arpagaus, T. Schumann April 2005 pdf (9.8 MB) 41
7 Lorenz- and Charney-Phillips vertical grid experimentation using a compressible nonhydrostatic toy-model relevant to the fast-mode part of the Lokal-Modell H.-J. Herzog, A. Gassmann February 2005 pdf (3.6 MB) 37
6 Description of the Z-Coordinate Dynamical Core of the LM H.-W. Bitzer, J. Steppeler April 2004 pdf (0.7 MB) 36
5 EUCOS Impact Study Using the Limited-Area Non-Hydrostatic NWP Model in Operational Use at MeteoSwiss J.-M. Bettems March 2002 pdf (2.2 MB) 21
4 LLM - the High-Resolving Nonhydrostatic Simulation Model in the DWD - Project LITFASS (Part I: Modelling Technique and Simulation Method) H.-J. Herzog, U. Schubert, G. Vogel, A. Fiedler March 2002 pdf (3.1 MB) 70
3 A Scheme for Monotonic Numerical Diffusion in the LM G. Doms November 2001 pdf (2 MB) 27
2 The Multi-Layer Version of the DWD Soil Model TERRA_LM R. Schrodin, E. Heise September 2001 pdf (0.7 MB) 17
1 Evaluation of Empirical Parameters of the New LM Surface-Layer Parameterization Scheme. D. Mironov, M. Raschendorfer March 2001 pdf (2 MB) 13