Steering Committee

Last updated: May 2006

In general, the Steernig Committee is the top-level governing body of consortium and responsible for:

Its exact operation is defined in its Terms of Reference (ToR). You may read the minutes of the Steering Committee meetings.

The Steering Committee is composed by:

The current Steering Committee Chairman is .

The Steering Committe and its chairman, were brought into being in 2000.

The chairmans since then, were:

Panagiotis SkrimizeasHNMS2023-
Yoav LeviIMS2021-2022
Lucio TorrisiITAF2019-2020
Andrzej WyszogrodzkiIMGW2017-2018
Detlev MajewskiDWD2016-2017
Philippe SteinerMCH2012-2015
Detlev MajewskiDWD2010-2011
Hans-Joachim KoppertDWD2008-2010
Mathias RotachMCH2005-2008
Dieter FruhwaldDWD2003-2005
Massimo CapaldoITAF2001-2003
Jacques AmbuhlMeteoSwiss2000